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Our set of products contains nutraceutical and skin care products. Another set of products for many medical indications will be available in 2020 and 2021 in many pharmaceutical forms to treat and manage different customer’s medical cases and diseases.

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Manufacturing excellence - Efficient working - Group synergism - Applied knowledge - Maintenance of success - Respect and stability Environment - Devotion & loyalty

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Not just a company, but a family. Working Together with team spirit for a Healthier World. Living Innovation, Making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives, We also treat the human spirit.

MegamedThe company of the Future of healthcare, Today.

Dr Ahmed Abo Aly, owner of Abo Aly Pharmacies chain, established MEGAMED pharmaceutical company in 2017 with its headquarters located in 6th October city. MEGAMED provides a group of high quality nutraceutical products. MEGAMED will have a stronger future by providing in 2020 and 2021 about 40 pharmaceutical products with innovative ideas in all different pharmaceutical forms like tablets, capsules, ampules, oral syrup, eye drops, creams and ointments

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